When you Should Say ‘No’ to Lending Out Money

Do friends or family members ever ask you for money? How do you feel when this happens and do you loan it to them? You have to be smart about who you loan money to and I’m on the more skeptical side of people who believe you should avoid loaning out money as best as you can even if it’s for family members. I say this because, while loaning money out money may help someone temporarily, it...

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4 Things you Should Avoid Spending Money On

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Paying your bills are a must. You have certain financial requirements each month that can’t really be compromised or negotiated like your rent, mortgage or utility bills for example. You can however, stop paying for other expenses in your life with the intent to save more. If you’ve been having issues with budgeting, saving, and making ends meet, there are quite a few things you can choose...

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How to Save Money on your Car Insurance

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Having been in an automobile accident before, I understand how important car insurance can be. Whether you get pulled over or in a minor fender bender, there are some serious consequences for not having auto insurance. We should be all prioritize protecting ourselves with the proper amount of insurance but that doesn’t mean we should have to settle for paying an arm and a leg. Not all auto insurance...

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Tools and Resources to Help you Pay off Debt

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Being in debt can really put you down and drain your confidence and motivation. Whether you are just starting out with your debt repayment journey or right in the middle of it, there are tools and resources out there to help you pay off your debt at your own pace. It requires quite a bit of patience, focus, and motivation, but it can be done. You just have to improve the way you manage your finances...

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