Save Money on Sporting Event Tickets with These 4 Websites

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The Superbowl was here and gone before you knew it. As one of the biggest sporting events of the year, cheap tickets were not easy to come by. With parking, team merchandise, and concessions, a good amount of money can be spent partaking in an athletic event. Needless to say, professional sporting events are expensive all around. If you’re on a budget and trying to live frugally, does this mean...

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Frugal Spring Break Ideas for College Students

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Spring Break is always a great time for college students to zone out of study mode and take a break from the regular everyday grind of school. There are some students who would rather save money and stick around campus or go home, while others like to be a little more adventurous and travel. Regardless of your preference, there are quite a few frugal spring break ideas you can implement to make the...

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How Becoming a Minimalist will Help you Save Money

minimalist, saving money by being a minimalist, minimalism
Minimalism is a not a new concept despite the hype the trend has received within the past few years. Minimalism actually originated in the 1950s as an artistic trend and a musical avant-garde movement. Nowadays, it’s’ best-known for being a concept that allows you to live with less physical belongings and sometimes, even less space. It’s intended to help you feel free and less overwhelmed....

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How to Make Valentine’s Day More Affordable

frugal date ideas, frugal Valentine's, Valentine's day for less
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and merchants are gearing up to capitalize on the popular holiday for couples. Valentine’s Day is not a cheap holiday, especially if you’re in a relationship. Americans spend an average of $17.6 billion on the holiday and men tend to spend the most money. Go figure. With the average person spending $168.74 to celebrate Valentine’s Day – whether...

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