Summer Fun on a Budget


Summer fun doesn't have to mean expensive

Summer fun can be had on a budget with some planning

With kids out of school and weather that begs for a trip to the beach or pool, the summer months mean summer vacations. And summer fun mean lots of money, right?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy amazing summer trips on a budget. Here’s how:


Maybe the cheapest vacation that you can take is the one that doesn’t require you to leave your home. Complete some projects around the house, take a few day trips to local destinations, or just enjoy your backyard with friends and family.

Group Vacation 

When it comes to a vacation, the more the merrier! Go in on a trip with family or family friends, and have everyone split the lodging and food costs. A vacation home on the beach that costs $1,000 a week may be out of your budget now, but split among three families, it lowers costs significantly.

Try Booking Directly

Third-party sites such as Kayak can be a great resource to save you money on flights, rental cars, and lodging. Before booking you may want to try booking directly with the airline or hotel though. Call around and get the best prices before confirming anything.

Booking through Airbnb may also help you save some money as well. Rates can sometimes be cheaper than a comparable hotel, and you might have the benefits of having an entire house. This means a kitchen and even more savings since you can cook meals and not eat out as often.

Redeem rewards

If you have unused credit card or customer loyalty points to use up, now is the time! I’ve heard many stories of people who have paid for entire hotel stays or theme park tickets just with various rewards points.

Choose all-inclusive resorts

When heading to a resort, you may want to choose an all-inclusive one. Most people find it easier to stick with a budget when they pay one price upfront. It also means you don’t have to worry about gratuity or how much of an alcohol tab you’ve run-up. Just be aware that not all of the all-inclusive resorts are family friendly.

Plan ahead

Sure, spontaneous trips are fun, but they can also be costly. This is especially true in the summer months when hotels, flights, and even restaurant reservations tend to fill up quickly. Make an itinerary and plan at least a few weeks ahead of time, so you can avoid paying the higher prices that come with last-minute travel.

Summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Do you have any tips for budget-friendly vacations? Share them in the comments!

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