Why You Should Be Using a Car Share


Car shares are gaining popularity all over the world, and for good reason. Here’s what you need to know about car share programs and why they’re so great.

What is car sharing?
Car sharing is a type of car rental. Unlike traditional rental cars, however, you rent the car for shorter periods of time and pay by the mile or length of time you use the car. Car share services have cars parked in various locations throughout neighborhoods and cities for short-term use by their members.

There are a number of different car share co-ops, but each one operates in a similar fashion. First, you join a car sharing service. Most have stipulations on memberships; for example, you need to be at least 21 and have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. From there, whenever you need a car, you simply make a reservation online or over the phone, use the car, then return it to the spot where you picked it up.

Why use a car share?
There are lots of great things about car sharing. A few of the benefits of a car share include:

  • It’s good for the environment. While it’s not as green as walking or biking, participating in a car share is a great way to help the environment by helping reduce the number of cars on the road and the amount of emissions polluting the air. Many car share programs also utilize electric or hybrid vehicles, too.
  • It helps save money. The average car owner spends $8,000 a year to own their car. Car payments, insurance, maintenance, and gas can eat away at your budget. If you don’t use a car frequently, or if you can bike, walk, or take public transportation to most places, a car share makes financial sense.
  • It reduces traffic. Fewer cars on the road means better air quality, but it also means less traffic, too. This makes it easier to get where you need to go without getting stuck in traffic.
  • It’s convenient. The convenience of car sharing is a major benefit, especially for people who live in large cities or densely populated urban areas. Finding a place to park your own car all the time can be frustrating and time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

If you’re ready to use a car share, some of the more popular ones you can check out include Zipcar, Car2go, and Getaround. Many rental car companies, including Hertz and Enterprise, are also jumping on the car sharing bandwagon.

What are your experiences with and tips for using a car share? Let us know!

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