Four Great Side Jobs for Teachers


Summer’s almost here, and that means school is out—for students and teachers. While some teachers enjoy the time off that summer provides, others may want to take the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Here are four ways teachers can earn money over the summer.

Private tutoring is big business for teachers. Summer is the perfect time to earn extra money, since there will be plenty of kids in summer school or students who want to brush up on SAT/ACT prep. The best part about tutoring is the ability to set your own hours and prices. Many homeschooling parents also turn to private tutors to teach certain subjects like foreign language, math, or art.

Don’t limit yourself to tutoring the age group you teach, either. You can tutor high school and college kids as well as grade school children. Advertise on campus Facebook pages and boards, public libraries, or in your local classifieds. Word of mouth is always the best way to get new clients, so make sure you let everyone know you’re starting a new tutoring business.

Teach Private Lessons
If you specialize or excel in a certain field outside of academia, like music or sports, you can make extra income by offering private lessons. Private instruction isn’t just limited to high school kids, either. Younger children just learning through adults who want to learn a new skill or sport are all potential clients.

Melissa Barton, a tennis coach, teaches private lessons during the summer and fall and has no shortage of interested clients. “I got most of my clients initially by advertising in local classifieds,” she says. “From there, word of mouth and recommendations are the main ways I’ve gotten new clients.” She recommends setting up a website or blog where you can provide rates, class information, and your teaching schedule.

Seasonal Work
Summer is also an excellent time to make extra money as a camp counselor at a YMCA, rec center or other local summer programs. Day camp counselors keep kids engaged through a variety of activities, from arts and crafts to nature trips to swimming. Because of their experience with children and developing lesson plans, many programs prefer to hire teachers for these roles.

If you have a background in physical education or coaching, consider officiating or umpiring for summer sports programs in your area. According to Jodi Lee, a full-time coach, many of her coworkers travel to different collegiate sports programs. This is a great experience and resume-builder as well.

Seasonal retail jobs are rarely in short supply. Working retail at one of your favorite stores will not only allow you to earn some extra money, but get discounts on clothes or products you enjoy. The part-time schedule will also give you free time to enjoy your summer.

Teachers have great options when it comes to earning extra money over the summer. What are some other great ways teachers can earn money over the summer? Let us know!

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