15 Signs It’s Time to Take a Break From Social Media

break from social media, digital detoxification, facebook, twitter, detoxifyingWe’re all in denial.

We spend much more time on social media than we think or admit.

I decided to do something about my own addiction last week after I caught myself subconsciously typing Facebook into the browser.


While working on an important project.

A project I could probably have completed weeks ago if I hadn’t been so busy checking my Twitter follower count, liking photos on Facebook, or posting photos of my cat on Instagram.

Long story short, I put myself on a 30 day social media break to be more productive and clear my head from outside influences.

Could you use a social media hiatus? Let’s find out.

I’ve taken the liberty of giving you some symptoms of social media overload. If you can relate to 5 or more of these things it may be time for you to step away from your electronic devices and step into the real world.

Trust me. Things get a whole lot clearer.

15 Signs of Social Media Overload 

1. You know more about the lives of past classmates than your own extended relatives because of Facebook.

2. You know more about the lives of celebrities than your own extended relatives because of Instagram.

3. You know exactly how many followers you have on each account because you monitor it so often.

4. You feel deflated unless you receive 10 or more likes on your posts. Or you delete posts with under 10 likes entirely.

5. You check social media as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

6. You haven’t posted anything in months on your profiles, yet you know exactly who’s had a baby, gotten married, went on vacation, or bought a car.

7. You take a break after 10 minutes of work to browse for 20 minutes on Facebook.

8. You capture a video or picture to post of every moment instead of living it.

9. You take at least 5 pictures before you can choose one good enough to post.

10. You spam people daily with invitations to play game apps that everyone ignores.

11. You’ve brought up in conversation a status from someone’s Facebook that you haven’t seen in years  – awkward.

12. Someone you don’t know can tell your life story from simply adding you as a friend.

13. You social media and walk. And you’ve bumped into a few innocent bystanders.

14. Checking in on social media is the only thing you do during idle time like waiting.

15. Social media distracts you from doing important things that with benefit your life.


Don’t feel ashamed if you’re  5 or more on this list. I’m guilty of a lot of these, hence my social media break! So, try going on hiatus for a little while to refocus on what’s most important.

I promise, it’ll be there when you return.

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