7 Cheap Last Minute Christmas Gifts People Will Appreciate

Cheap Last Minute Christmas GiftsCan you believe that Christmas is nearly upon us?

You have just a week to find thoughtful gifts for your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, and boss.  And if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started shopping but you’re hoping to find some gifts that people will actually appreciate.

I can’t help but think of how many past kitschy gifts I’ve received that are sitting unused in a drawer. Can you relate? Makes you wonder what the gift givers were thinking. After all, you want to be able to use a gift, not add it to your junk drawer.

So if you’re in need of some useful gift ideas, read on for 7 cheap last-minute gifts that people will appreciate.

Metro or Gas Card

If you live in an area with public transportation and you know someone who uses it, put money on a metro card and give it to them as a gift. It’s something they can always use and they’ll appreciate. If you don’t live in a metro area, consider a gas gift card they can use on their daily commute.

Personal Care Items

Don’t you hate when you run out of candles, soap, lotions, or bath gels and you don’t have a back up? Personal care items are things everyone’s thankful to receive and they’re affordable. And if you’re smooth, sneakily ask what you friend’s favorite scent is to get an idea of which products to purchase.

Lunch Pail or Gift Card

Lunch each day at work can get pretty pricey. Buy a unique lunch pail for a co-worker or purchase a gift card to their favorite lunch spot. It’s a gift they can definitely make use of that will be convenient for them to use at work.

2015 Day Planner

Who wouldn’t like to start planning for next year? Gift someone a head start in their 2015 plans with a daily planner. Some planners are expensive, but you can find affordable options at big box stores like Walmart or Target.

Travel Mugs, Coffee, or Tea Cups

If you’re gifting someone who loves coffee or tea, they’ll be the first to tell you there’s no such thing as having too many mugs. Gift a unique ceramic or travel mug with their initials, a nice quote, or a fun design on it. This is an item that they’ll always find a use for.

Donate to a Cause

When you’re giving to a person who isn’t into material things think of a cause that they’re interested in. Look up avenues to give to that cause and make a donation in their name. Then put the details of your donation within a card. This is a much better gift idea than giving a miscellaneous item that’ll get shoved in the back of a closet.

Give an IOU for a Service

If you have a really amazing skill that someone can use give them an IOU for your services. For example, my past co-worker used to share with me the trouble she was having writing a business plan. I happen to a be fairly good writer. A gift idea could be giving her advice on the plan or editing it. This costs no money and it’s providing someone a service that they need.

Final Thought

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to make an impact. Think about the unique needs of the person you’re gifting and I guarantee you can come up with a creative and affordable last-minute gift.

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