Can’t Pay Your Bills? 7 Mindless Part-Time Jobs to Try

part time jobsAre you having trouble paying off debt?

Sometimes you can’t get around the fact that you need to make more money no matter how good you are at budgeting. Your income is just not enough to surpass your expenses.

Particularly as a recent college grad.

Your first few jobs will likely not allow you to live comfortably while paying off student debt and saving for a rainy day. And even entrepreneurs experience feasts and fasts. Part-time work is an option to getting over the hump.

But jobs usually require thought. And who wants another work commitment that requires thought?

Here are 7 part-time jobs that need very minimal brain cells to do and you may even be able to do your own outside work or hobby while punching their clock.

7 Mindless Part-Time Jobs to Try

Overnight Concierge

Most places with late night customer service like apartments or fitness facilities have this overnight job. You’re essentially a body in a seat with eyes making sure nothing happens while everyone else is asleep. And the best thing is that things rarely if ever happen. So bring a book, check out mentally, and collect your paycheck.

Test Proctor

I considered taking a job like this recently while I build an online business. You simply pass out tests and monitor the test takers while they fill in the bubbles. Glance around every once in a while and use the downtime to catch up on your Zen.

Paper Delivery

If you’re a morning person this job is perfect for you. Wake up before the sun rises, folder papers and go on your paper route. It’s super easy and if you enjoy the morning it’s an opportunity to relish in the peacefulness of the early AM.

Food Delivery

Glamorous? No. Pays the bills. Yes. The only thing you really need to be concerned about here is counting your tips and hoping all the people you deliver to are fully dressed.

Movie Theatre Usher

Another position which offers a little bit of downtime during the late evening and between movies. Plus discount admission to movies and popcorn – what an amazing combination.

Doorman/Bouncer/Coat Checker

This is great way to meet people, get out on the scene, collect funny stories for your friends, and make decent money. It’s not very difficult and you can do this on weekend nights for a couple hours.

Temp Work

What I like about joining a temp agency for part-time work is you can choose what jobs you want to take and how often you want to take them. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t take any assignments. And many companies who need extra help hire for admin tasks like filling because they don’t have enough man power –  pick those jobs, they’re easy.

Do you have any more?

I considered adding retail to this list, but the sales goal piece can turn a part-time commitment into more pressure than you hoped for. What do you think?

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? What was your easiest job?

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