Seven Off the Beaten Path Places to Visit in the U.S.

Havasu Falls, Arizona. Copyright, Photo by XX.

Havasu Falls, Arizona. Photo by Ariel D. Bray. www.forumbiodiversity.com

Are you ready for a getaway?

Are you bored of the same two travel destinations you see over, and over again?

No problem. There are some unique, breathtaking and affordable locations to visit right in the U.S.

Road trip anyone?

For the traveler that can think outside of the box and is ready to visit a new place, here are some off the beaten path places you must see in the U.S.

1. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Hershey Theme Park. Photo courtesy of firstworldfacts.com.

Hershey Theme Park. Photo courtesy of firstworldfacts.com.

Want a location to forget the hustle and bustles of the real world? PA Dutch country is the way to do it. Ride in a traditional Amish horse and buggy and view the farmlands on a tour shuttle. And food? They have that too – plenty of it. Visit the Smorgasbords in Lancaster and you’ll enjoy a full belly. Also, spend a day at Hershey’s Theme Park for rides and to discover how Hershey chocolate is made.

Lancaster is an excellent destination for a road trip. Tourists can also fly into Harrisburg, PA and take a short 45 minute drive to Lancaster.

2. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Visitors come worldwide to see the Havasu Falls (pictured at the top of post) and you should be next! The blue waters of the falls are truly mesmerizing. While there, take part in one of the many hiking and white water rafting tours, lounge on the beach, or swim in the falls – it’s typically no lower than 21 C throughout the year!

To access the falls you must gain a $35 entrance permit from the tourism office. You can choose to stay on their campground or hotel lodge – both affordable options. The closest airport is Las Vegas about 3-4 hours away from the falls.

3. Lake Tahoe, California

If you’re looking for activities to interest the entire family look no further than Lake Tahoe. From adventure activities to spas this location has it all. There are tons of places to drink, eat and stay – they even have casinos.

But best of all are the views – like the breathtaking sites in Incline Village at Sand Harbor. Lake Tahoe is accessible by car and close to the Reno/Tahoe airport.

4. Old Faithful & Grand Prismatic Spring, Montana/Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Spring. Copyright: wirepec / 123RF Stock Photo

Grand Prismatic Spring. Copyright: wirepec / 123RF Stock Photo

Another site seeing beauty. The Old Faithful Geyser is a must see at the famous Yellowstone National Park. And while there stop by the Prismatic Spring, a natural anomaly and the largest hot spring in the U.S. The colors of the Prismatic are blue, green, yellow, orange, gold, red and brown. Although you can’t swim in the Prismatic spring for preservation and safety reasons, visitors can swim in the Boiling River north of the Mammoth Hot Spring.

You can drive to Yellowstone National Park or fly into Jackson Hole airport which is 49 miles to the Yellowstone south entrance.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

For all you foodies out there, New Orleans is right where you need to be. The rebuilding of the city post Katrina has made the cuisine scene even liver. New Orleans is known for the Creole, African, and West Indian influences in their food. Visit during one of their many festivals to get the true authentic experience. And their night life? Well, you already know.

New Orleans is accessible by car and plane at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

6. Coos Canyon, Maine 

Coos Canyon, Maine. Photo courtesy of www.scenicusa.net.

Coos Canyon, Maine. Photo courtesy of www.scenicusa.net.

If you go here you may strike gold! The Swift River that runs through the canyon is one of the most popular places in Maine to pan for gold – they even offer tours to teach the art form. There are locations to jump from the canyon into the river for the daredevil types. And places to wade in the water for those lesser inclined.

Campgrounds are on site and cottages for rental. The Coos is accessible by car. You can also fly into Portland, Maine and visit the town of Cape Elizabeth before making the two hour drive to the canyon.

7. Naples, Florida

Naples is a relaxing beach town in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. There are tons of restaurants and beach activities for the entire family including boating and fishing excursions. And Naples is in close proximity to the tropical wilderness of the everglades. What more could you want?

Naples is accessible by car, Greyhound bus, and air with Southwest Florida International Airport being the closets at about 30 miles away.

Have any unique locations that didn’t make this list? Share below!

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