How to Give Unsolicited Money Advice

Unsolicited Money Advice, money talk
We all have that one friend or relative. They spend recklessly, don’t save anything yet complain none stop about being broke. They chalk up their financial situation to not making enough money, moan about needing a pay raise and totally give up on saving until they get one. A stark contrast to you. You’ve finally gotten your financial house in order by budgeting and cutting out excess luxuries....

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Four Travel Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb!

Travel mistakes, vacation
You’ve done it before – planned the perfect vacation on a budget. Crossed all your T’s and dotted the I’s with high hopes that everything would cost as much as you planned. You chose the most cost effective accommodations and packed enough to reduce expenses during the trip; Only to return home to devastation when reviewing your account statements. You’re not sure how...

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How to Start a Side Hustle in 15 Minutes

Side hustle, part time job, extra income
Admit it – you’ve wondered how to start a side hustle. It’s the most talked about job in the blogosphere. You see people doing it, making good “quick” money, and you desperately want in on the action. But you don’t know exactly where or how to start. Good news! Every single side hustler was once where you are right now. And surprisingly starting one isn’t...

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