5 Ways to Save Money on Household Cleaning

20663064_sThey say a clean home makes for a clean mind. If you’ve let your house work get on top of you, then you’ll sure know just how great it feels to get things back in order. The trouble is, when you want to do a thorough job, cleaning is timely and expensive. Here are 5 ways to reduce the price of keeping a sparkling home:

Try DIY cleaning products

The easiest way to cut down on your cleaning bill is to get creative and try your hand at DIY cleaning products. A little research online will bring up all sorts of recipes to try. A classic DIY cleaner is actually a bottle of Coca-Cola! A great way to use any flat pop. Coke is great at clearing stains in your toilet bowl. Just pour down, leave to soak, and then flush half an hour later.  A half lemon used as a scrubber on water stained mirrors is also very effective.

Invest in multi-purpose cleaners

Don’t fancy producing your own cleaning concoctions? Invest in a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used throughout your home. To ensure your house doesn’t end up smelling of chemicals, go for a beautifully scented and versatile antibacterial product like Zoflora. Multi-purpose cleaners are great when you don’t want to lug a bucket full of cleaning products about the house. They also save room in your under sink cupboards.

Switch generic for brand names

If you are opting for individual cleaners for each task, save yourself money by choosing a generic name rather than a branded product. Just as you would with food, have a read of the ingredients.  If you compare generic with brand name products, you are sure to find similarities. If it does the job, you really needn’t pay more for a brand name!

Choose reusable mops and cloths

A kitchen towel is one of the most underrated household accessories. Its’ great for mopping up the odd spill, for wiping sticky hands, and cleaning spaghetti stained mouths. But when relied upon for the ‘big clean’ it can be extremely costly. If you’re doing the dusting and wiping around your home go for reusable mops and cloths instead. Add them in the wash at the end of the day. Have a collection of clean cloths ready to hand, so that you can simply move onto the next when one becomes too saturated.

Use a bagless vacuum cleaner

Vacuum bags are surprisingly expensive. If you’re used to keeping your home completely clean and dust free, then you’ll know how quickly they get filled up. You could try being thrifty and re-use them, but that isn’t very practical or effective.  If you want to cut out the cost of vacuum bags completely, opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner. Although more expensive to purchase upfront, you’ll save a ton of money in the long run by not having to regularly replace vacuum bags.  Or better still (although not the most practical in a modern day home) choose a simple dustpan and brush!

Readers, how about you? Do you have ways to save money on household cleaning supplies and products?

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