Improving Your Digital Technology Skills Through Online Training

11315865_sSome things you can only learn through workplace experience, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. However, critical skills are best picked up and honed through formal training.

Previously, online resources for professional development were scarce and required classroom or on-the-job training. However, many online training options can help workers keep their technical skills up to date with current trends. Whether you are a veteran in the field or a newcomer trying to get a foot in the door, you can make use of online courses to stay marketable with the evolving digital technologies.

If you are looking to increase your skills in the digital technology field, there are three industries that are evolving and important to take note of.

Video Game Development

This one of the leading areas for digital media, and also one of the highest paying. Game development requires a mind that is both artistically gifted and technically capable. Online training can help with the latter. For instance, one of the biggest recent trends in the world of gaming is the growth of mobile applications. Game developers should understand how to create applications for common platforms such as Android, Windows, and Apple IOS. Other technical skills useful for developers include graphic design, animation and audio development. These are constantly evolving fields, where today’s cutting-edge knowledge can become obsolete tomorrow. Online training is an excellent way to stay current.

Web Design and Programming

Web design can be a complex and intimidating field, always fluid, with new techniques constantly under development. A web designer who doesn’t stay current will soon be left out in the cold. Some of the common subjects that web designers should seek training for include Flash, JavaScript, PHP, XML, HTML.

Web design and web programming are now becoming more specialized. For example, PHP or Database programmers would never be required to do any graphic or web page design. Conversely high-end graphic designers never need to code any web pages. However many web developers now cross the boundaries, offering both graphic and programming expertise. Regardless of the focus, online training can help both web designers and programmers to stay current.

Digital Media

Digital Media is a broad term, and there are many skills and requirements that fall under the field. People in this area create and produce high-end graphic, print, and video media. The ability to create effective digital creations using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Maya and Flash, requires proficiency and expertise. These are all examples of programs that digital media professionals can receive online training for. As in the other fields, the true digital media expert is one who never stops developing their skill set.

How about you? Do you work in digital media, the web, or gaming industry? Have you taken advantage of online courses or continuing education to improve your skills?

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