4 Quick Ways to Save Money on Your Utilities

18630722_sThis is the time of year when your heating bills are likely soaring as are your electricity bills thanks to much colder and shorter days.  Rather than being a victim to these costly bills, why not be proactive and take steps to slash your utility bills?  Your wallet will thank you, and maybe with all the money you save, you’ll be able to take a trip to a warm destination!

Luckily, slashing your utility bills doesn’t have to take a long time.  You can complete these simple steps in a day and reap the benefits all winter long.

1.  Install a programmable thermostat.  Don’t pay for a toasty warm home when you’re not even in the house.  Install a programmable thermostat and automatically reduce the temperature inside your home when you’re at work.  An hour before you come home, program it to make the home the temperature you prefer.  You’ll be amazed how much money this one little device can save you.

2.  Do some comparison shopping.  Most people don’t think to compare electricity prices.  After all, electricity is electricity, right?  Maybe, but if you compare prices, you’ll likely find that you are paying more than you have to.  If that’s the case, change your provider to save.

3.  Wear layers.  If you dress lightly while at home, you likely pay for the comfort in high-priced energy bills.  Turn down your heat and pile on the layers.  Wear a t-shirt and sweater or sweatshirt.  If you really want to save, put on a pair of long underwear underneath your pants.  You’ll be toasty warm, even if your home is a bit chilly.

4.  Make simple insulation fixes.  Improving your insulation doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time.  Attach a weather strip on the bottom of your outside doors.  You’ll keep the cool air from seeping in.  Likewise, caulk any cracks by windows and floorboards.  Put insulated sleeves around your pipes.  If you have old windows, put up plastic to keep the warm air in.

Don’t be a victim to high utility bills.  Take these steps and slash your expenses.

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