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Earlier this week, I shared my epiphany over dollar value averaging – well, I’ve been continuing to read the book and have started doing some actual stock research. One of the suggestions I’ve been trying to follow is to look at the industry you work in. This works well for me because I work with a lot of senior executives at a number of small, publicly traded companies in a growing market. In looking at the insider holdings for these companies, I came across a few familiar names – one of whom I work with on a weekly basis. Looking at how much these people make and knowing how hard they work made me think about where the optimal balance between income and effort lies.

Photo credit: bfishadow via flickr

Photo credit: bfishadow via flickr

The person in question has stock valued at over one million dollars and a base salary of $375,000 – and he’s not even the CEO. He lives in Los Angeles, works in Cleveland and travels 45 weeks of the year. It’s crazy. However, he’s also one of the most passionate people I know – he cares not just about his job, but furthering his professional field which is currently in its infancy. It gave me an interesting perspective on how important passion is. What do you think? Is working that hard worth any amount of financial gain??

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