Updates: July 28 – Aug 3

During the Summer of 2005, I decided to spend four months living and working in Europe. I was between terms at University and it seemed like a fun time for an adventure. I also wanted to put into practice all those years of French that Canadian schools make you take, so I packed up and headed off to Paris, France. I worked at a gelato store for three months and traveled for one month.


While I was working, I lived in an apartment with two Canadian girls and a Spanish girl. This weekend, one of my Canadian roommates is visiting Vancouver! Tonight, I’m hosting a BBQ and heading down to watch the fireworks with a couple of other friends I knew from Paris as well.

Have a great weekend!

  • Modest Money asks if it is ever wise to cosign a loan. We’ve been asked in the past, but never agreed. Wisely, I think!
  • Young Adult Money explains why their biggest financial mistake was taking out student loans without fully understanding how they work.
  • Vix Money looks at the BMO Equal Weight REIT`s Index Fund (ZRE). I own a BMO Bond Fund ETF (ZAG), as we are exposed enough to real estate through our property assets, but if you`re wondering about REIT’s, check this post out.
  • Vanessa’s Money is sticking without a car in Calgary. Nothing makes me go ‘YES!’ more than hearing about someone who won`t give in to the car craze in Alberta. That takes serious conviction!
  • Planting our Pennies shows you that a Philosophy degree doesn’t fate you to a life working at Starbucks. It’s actually well suited to a sales role.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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