Eating out in the Summer and a contest!

Happy Canada Day everyone!  This was a long weekend for us up here in Canada and here in Vancouver, it was beautiful!  There’s talk of a potential heat wave (and a few lone dissenters predicting a bit of rain).  But so far, it’s been sunny blue skies, lots of events and festivals and so… much… food.


In the summer, I spend a lot of money on eating out.  It is definitely what I spend the most money on.  When I eat out, such as coffee with a friend or trying a new food cart, it comes out of my spending budget.  This isn’t a big deal usually – the money is allocated for spending, so I don’t feel bad about spending it.  But, in the summers, eating out just seems to happen more often.

For me, summer is a time to reconnect with friends over coffee or head down to the beach with a drink and some snacks.  During this weekend alone, I have had (1) bubble tea, (2) sushi dinner, (3) slurpee, (4) sushi lunch, (5) popsicle, (6) aloe drink, (7) brunch… the list goes on.  It’s not so much that any one item costs a lot of money.  But there are so many occasions for me to snack or eat out!

Brian and I try to handle this by making more money during the summer.  We have a lot of side jobs for precisely these situations!  Today, Brian’s actually at the Canada Day celebrations downtown, selling glowsticks.  Woohoo, extra cash!

The Outlier Model would like to give you a chance to win $480 in cash for yourself! To enter, you must be 18 years or older and the contest is open world wide from July 1 – 21. The winner will be notified by email, and please enter as many times as you wish!

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