Carnival of Financial Independence, 17th Edition

Carnival of Financial Independence, financial independence, financial goals, financial advice
Welcome to the 17th edition of the Carnival of Financial Independence! We’re changing it up a bit here at The Outlier Model this week and hosting our very first Carnival. Thanks to Pauline at Reach Financial Independence for the opportunity. If you’re new to The Outlier Model, check out our Master Plan and have a look around. Financial Independence is a key focus for us, so it’s a...

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Things to Consider When Moving In With Your Partner

Moving In With Your Partner, moving in, living in together, living in, live-in partners
This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. About a year ago I moved into my partner’s apartment. It’s only a small place, but we are very happy together – there are a lot of financial advantages to moving in together! I knew it would be a big change of lifestyle, but nothing can really prepare you for exactly how it is going to be. I thought I...

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Recipe Idea: Simple Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw

Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw, salad, coleslaw, healthy salad, healthy recipe
Having the most frugal grocery budget in the world isn’t going to help you any if you can’t put together at least a few healthy, tasty, and cheap eats! Every few weeks, The Outlier Model features a cheap recipe idea, along with the cost breakdown. It’s BBQ season and nothing cuts through heavy BBQ sauce like a nice fresh salad.  I like to make coleslaw to go with things like pulled pork...

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June Garden Update

Community Garden, balcony garden, garden update, taking care of plants, tips on growing plants
After a busy month getting planters ready and seedlings in, we settled into June to watch our assorted plants grow.  I have to admit, I’ve been less diligent with my plants this year – work has been very busy and with Brian away at his wine course each weekend, I haven’t had the motivation to drag myself out to the garden.  Nonetheless, we’ve made a bit of progress.   New...

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