Updates: May 19 – 25

This week is the first of three weekends in which I’ll be attending an 8 hr/day wine course for both Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to get my WSET Level 3 certification in wines and spirits. I’m pretty excited to take the course and try some awesome wines, but there is certainly a trade off for time. So, thanks to CF for helping me pull together this post!


Photo Credit: vmiramontes via flickr

Photo Credit: vmiramontes via flickr

It’s times like this when I lament the high cost of wine in BC.  Imports are taxed at over 100% and the government runs a monopoly distribution/retail system. As such, a $6 bottle in California will cost over $20 in BC. It’s enough to make a wine enthusiast quite sad, especially when that person is also a PF blogger!

With the course and various other activities, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks. I plan on reconnecting with Jeremy at Modest Money over a soccer game and catching up with my family next week.

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Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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