Updates: April 7 – 13

Do you ever have the feeling that you don’t know where the time went? For the past year, I’ve been planning a conference in New Zealand and this week is the week I actually leave! Things have been so busy, but in the way that time speeds up because you’re getting so much done. I’m looking forward to the trip – I travelled to New Zealand with my family when I was 11 and hope to meet up with some family friends. I also plan on meeting some new friends, like NZ Muse. Other than that, it’ll be a busy week of work!

Photo Credit: Abaconda via Flickr

Photo Credit: Abaconda via Flickr

On the gardening front, our kick off work party is this weekend. So I’ll be spending some time weeding and turning the soil in my garden. Thankfully the rain that lasted all of yesterday seems to have dissapeared and it’s not wet out anymore.

What are your plans for the weekend?

  • Canadian Budget Binder had a real, live horticulturalist provide some great tips on growing a garden. We’re starting our garden work parties this weekend too!
  • We’re limited on phone choice up here, but Club Thrifty raises a good point – smart phones are expensive. I wish we had some of the cheaper options they lay out in the article.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week:

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