Updates: Feb 24 – March 2 (and an awesome giveaway!)

We took a bit of a break on the giveaways, but couldn’t resist the prize offered up by our latest contest – a Canon Rebel Ti DSLR Camera! I’m not a camera geek, but I really wish that I had something of this quality to bring on trips around the world. We wouldn’t need to spend anything on art or wall hangings, you can just use photos! We’re also running a dedicate Facebook-only contest for our fans where you could win an iPod shuffle! Head over to our Facebook Page for full details.


We are extremely grateful to our hosts, Cash for Structured Settlements – these contests wouldn’t happen without their generosity. There’s some historical luck to entering contests via The Outlier Model – from the last group contest we participated in, the winning entry was chosen out of our RSS subscribers. Just sayin’.

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In other news, we’re meeting up with the Vancouver PF blogger group this weekend. Avrom from The Dividend Ninja will be joining us – I’m really looking forward to meeting someone with such a good investment background. It’s also been a busy week with the Vancouver International Wine Festival in town. This is one of our favourite events of the year and we’ve attended two tastings so far and will be heading off for a lunch event shortly. It may be damp and rainy in Vancouver, but it’s a good time of year to be here, event wise!

Check out these great posts from the week:

  • Owning dividend stocks is an investment strategy of ours, yet we have often wondered what account is best for our international and US dividend holdings. The Dividend Ninja has a two part series on which (Canadian) accounts are better suited to international and US dividend holdings.
  • Even though Mo Money Mo Houses didn’t reach her savings goal for 2012, I still think she’s doing pretty good!
  • CF and I are a little obsessed with lowering our energy usage (to save money!). Add Vodka provides some tips and tricks to outsmart your electricity bill.
  • Wise Dollar helps introduce the concept of Fundamendal Analysis when getting into the stock market and picking stocks. A must read for new investors.
  • Young Adult Money offers up predictions on how the working world will change over the next decade and predicts the death of the 9-5 work week.

Thanks to all the great people who included us this week:

  • Mid Life Finance: Carnival of Retirement – 59th Edition
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