Updates: Feb 3 – Feb 9

Happy Family Day Weekend! What the heck is “Family Day” you ask? Well, if you’re from Alberta you’re well acquainted with the made up government holiday that helps you get from New Year’s through to April. BC finally caught on, so this is the first year we’re enjoying the extra long weekend too. Unfortunately, I caught some mild form of the flu, so it’s going to be a pretty low key weekend for me. This is the second time I’ve been sick in 2013 – I’m not sure which I prefer; getting really sick once or getting kinda sick multiple times.


This week, The Outlier Model was pleased to be nominated as a Top Personal Finance Blog of 2012. Thanks to whomever nominated us and to One Smart Dollar and Ready for Zero for hosting the competition.  Head over and vote for us – if we win, we’ll get $100 to give away to one of our lucky readers! Help us out and we’ll help you.

We are also lucky enough to be featured in Modest Money’s Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013 contest. This is the second year running we’ve been included, and we’re looking to improve on our standing from last year. If you’ve enjoyed our blog, please head over and vote for us as well.


Time to head over to our old neighborhood coffee shop, but before we go, here’s some great blogs worth checking out!

  • Modest Money hosts his Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013 contest – go vote for us!
  • I love home made smoothiesFreedom Thirty Five blog shows just how easy it is to make your own!
  • This post isn’t technically from this week, but I really enjoyed Plunged in Debt’s article on how her husband got an NHL blogging gig. It pays to follow a team most people know nothing about!
  • Meet Money After Graduation’s newest staff writer Erin – apparently she’s in debt
  • Finance Fox asks “why is printer ink so expensive?” Basically, because it can be – gotta love marketing. That said, ink is actually one of the most expensive liquids to produce, as illustrated by the handy infographic!


Thanks to these awesome bloggers for including us this week!

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