$500 Giveaway – Saving money by shopping online

I never buy Tylenol for full price.  Or lip balm.  Or laundry detergent.  Or any other number of household products for that matter.  Usually, I pay around $4 for a bottle of Tylenol, no money at all for lip balm and $1-2 for liquid laundry detergent.  How?  Sales and coupons – in particular, online coupons.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Many major brands will regularly feature coupons on their website.  Tylenol is an example of this, as are many brands of pet food, personal care items and other household sundries.  I usually just print out the coupons semi-regularly and combine them with a sale to maximize my savings.  For some items like my lip balm, the coupons are often more than the cost of the product – in other words, free!

This past Christmas, I’ve also started looking into free shipping coupons for online retailers.  I like buying online since you can often get better prices, but the shipping and handling charges really eat into your savings.  I’ve had mixed experience with these types of coupons – Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

To get YOU started with saving some money, we are joining in another giveaway! The contest runs February 7 – 25, with the lucky winner taking home $500 cash. Use the widget below to get your name in the draw!

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