Updates: January 20 – 26

CF has been off on a business trip all week, so things are just getting back to normal around here. Since she’s been away, naturally we’ll just have to fit in everything we would have done during the week on the weekend! One of our favourite events has been going on this past week, and we’re finally going to take advantage of it. Dine Out Vancouver features a large list of local restaurants who provide special fixed price menus at various price points; $18, $28 or $38. It’s a great opportunity to try a super fancy restaurant at a great price, or to just get the experience of a three course meal provided for you!

Our couch also arrived this week, so we’ll be picking that up and finally finishing the living room set up. After waiting more than a month for the couch to be built and shipped, I sure hope we like it!

Don’t forget, this is the last week for the two contests that we’re running: The $100 cash giveaway and the $1000 cash giveaway!


dine out vancouver

Photo Credit: ppacificvancouver via Flickr

What is everyone else up to this weekend?

If you’ve got some free time, check out these awesome posts from the week:

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Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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