Updates: January 13 – 19

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Today is my birthday! Things worked out pretty well with the NHL lockout officially ending today – you can’t ask for a much better present as a hockey fan. As if that wasn’t enough, CF and I are also going to the Vancouver Canucks game tomorrow and heading to her employer’s holiday party this evening. The party is ‘spy-themed’, which gives me the license to dress up and pretend like I can pull off James Bond :p.

It should be a pretty interesting party though – the branding includes some very interesting combinations of Austin Powers and James Bond. I am really looking forward to seeing who can pull off Austin Powers – that’s definitely the harder costume. In preparation for the evening, we’re spending the afternoon at the salon, getting CF’s hair done and turning her into a bond girl! It’s going to be a pretty fun weekend, so with that I’m off!


Photo Credit: Julien Haler via Flickr

Photo Credit: Julien Haler via Flickr

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