Updates: November 26 – December 1

First of all, we had a couple awesome bloggers guest post with us this week, so a big thanks to Pauline from Reach Financial Independence (Being Outside of Average) and Femme Frugality (Getting Ready for Cram Time)! We did a swap with both of them this week, so head on over and read our posts too!

I’ve been taking an extended weekend to finish moving, so my weekend is more than half over already! Tonight, we’re checking out the local Junior Hockey scene as the NHL Lockout drags on. The Vancouver Giants play in the same arena that the Vancouver Canucks used to play in, years ago. Tonight, as part of their Heroes of Hastings series, the Giants are honouring our favourite retired Canuck, Trevor Linden. It will all probably serve to remind me how much I miss hockey right now, but at least we still have the Giants!

Photo Credit: VancityAllie via flickr

In the absence of the NHL, I’ve had lots of time to read up on my favourite bloggers – here’s a selection for you to enjoy:


  •  Mo Money Mo Houses points out that we should always take PF blogs with a grain of salt. Advertising is necessary to support these sites and we shouldn’t hate on those who are able to make a bit of money this way. And yes, Jessica, I do want sharks with laser’s on their heads…who doesn’t?
  • Up for a brain teaser? See if you can figure out Freedom Thirty Five Blog’s missing dollar riddle. I cheated and looked in the comments…
  •  While I generally don’t condone using beer for anything other than consumption, Add Vodka offers some uses for beer if you’re not that into drinking it.
  • Cloud applications make data storage and access super convenient. CF and I have over a dozen shared documents that we access on a regular basis – having all the information in one place and easily accessible  is a huge convenience. Savvy Scot looks at how easy it is to back up your data in case of a computer crash.

Thanks to everyone who included us this week!


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