Updates: November 18 – 24

Well, all the papers are signed and we’re packing up our apartment tomorrow and moving to our new condo. Luckily, we’re pretty good at this – we’ve moved on average once every 14 months for the past seven years. We also have a whole week to complete the move, but we’re planing on starting to live in our new place on Sunday.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun

To celebrate our last night as renters, we’re heading out with the Vancouver PF blogger crowd for some good old fashioned five pin bowling. I used to live within a few blocks of the lanes and now that it’s slated for demolition (mixed use condos – what else in Vancouver!), I thought it was time for a visit.

Here’s some great reading for the weekend!

  • Mo Money Mo Houses is going to Thailand! Being able to afford travel is a huge benefit of having your finances in order, and something I wouldn’t give up for anything!
  • Liquid Independence loves commodities – this time, he’s after Hostess Twinkies, rather than farmland. Check out his plan to make a buck at Freedom Thirty Five Blog.
  • My Alternate Life discusses consumerism and minimalism. With the pending move to a small living space, I love the fact Jordann doesn’t have a kitchen table and never wants to live in a big space.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week – if I missed anything, send me an email and I’ll get it in there next week.

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