Updates: October 28 – November 3

This week, I’ve been struck by the realization of how incremental effort and change can add up to a big result. For the past two years, I’ve had ongoing issues with my right knee and have never put in the effort to address the issue. I went to physio for a bit, but never kept up my exercises. I’ve done yoga, but never more than once a week at the most. Considering my Mom is a physiotherapist, I really should know better! Two weeks ago, CF encouraged me to pick up my daily exercise routine, and for the past two weeks, I’ve stuck with it. I’ve incorporated some of my old physio exercises and yoga stretches to develop a 15 minute routine every day. I really didn’t think that such a short amount of time could have such a big impact, but today I’m going off to play soccer and for the first time in years feel like I can actually move and compete to the best of my ability. Strenuous activity like soccer will really test the knee, but I’m hopeful that the progress I’ve made is real.

The same can be applied to personal finance. Small, daily changes can add up over time. This is the philosophy we live by and thus far has served us well.

Now on to some other great articles from around the web this week:


  • My Alternate Life is back from her blogging hiatus and discusses Why I’m not Ready to Buy a House. Whether you buy or not, the important thing is knowing where you’re at personally and I think Jordann has a really good handle on things here.
  • It doesn’t take much to stay in shape, and it doesn’t have to hurt your finances. Mo Money Mo Houses is proving it by picking up running!
  • In reference to National Save for Retirement Week, Frugal Rules shared a simple but effective infographic on How to Save for Retirement.
  • A big shout out to Tim at Canadian Dream for being mortgage free at 34! Tim was one of the first PF blogs I started following, so it’s great to see his progress.
  • I always knew that Halloween was pretty expensive, if you really get into it, but I had no idea how expensive. Freedom 35 Blog looks at some average costs of Halloween.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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