How to prevent food waste

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Wastage is one of the biggest reasons why the average North American spends so much on food.  While exact monthly amounts vary, everyone loses out when food is wasted.  Recent reports estimate food waste at $27 billion per year in Canada and 40% of annual food production in the United States.  Yikes! Brian and I spend $200 a month on food, roughly following our “grocery budget for...

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Updates: October 14 – 21

There seems to be a football theme working its way through the PF weekly updates the last few weeks. Work Save Live visited his alma mater to catch some college football last week and Finance Fox headed south of the border to catch some Michigan State action. Last night, we teamed up with Modest Money and watched the CFL’s BC Lions clinch first place in the division. You might argue that even...

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Our early retirement plan

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For Brian and I, the big motivator for working hard, paying off our debts and savings gobs of money is the allure of early retirement. Who wants to work forever? I’d rather take advantage of free haircuts, cheap homecooked meals, and even free tax software and put my money to better uses. Sure, there are people who apparently love their jobs so much that they never want to stop, but for us, we...

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How to improve your finances while off work

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This is a guest post from John Michael, a third party personal financial advisor for consumers interested in investments and securities.   For many people, being off work for any length of time is a disastrous proposition.  How will the bills get paid?  How will groceries be purchased? Even if you have a modest emergency fund, being off work for a length of time will quickly deplete it.  It’s...

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