Updates: September 2-8

It’s been a busy, busy week here in Vancouver.  Brian has actually been away (returning today!) and I have been juggling all the blog stuff.  So if you haven’t seen your comment approved or you haven’t been acknowledged on the mayhem that is Twitter, you can blame it on me… in turn, I shall blame it on Brian for abandoning me this past week.  😉

Indeed, even the cat decided to commemorate Brian’s departure by repeatedly puking for three days.  He’s been placed on rations and banished to the linoleum-only areas of the apartment.

Tomatoes from my community garden

I haven’t had a chance to write about the garden lately but wanted to let everyone know that all is well!  There are still dozens of tomatoes and greens growing happily.  I’m phasing out the butter lettuce over the next few weeks because I don’t think it is going to grow much more.  Meanwhile, our mystery plant has gotten larger and leafier, but still not readily identifiable.  Still time to cast your vote!

We also had a guest post this week from the Planwise guys about battling consumerism.  Thanks guys!

Links to super cool amazing bloggy-ness this week:

  • Mr. Money Mustache talks about the income levels for peak happiness.  You’ve probably heard the theory that after a certainly level of income, making more money does not make us happier.  Is there a magic number that you need to see on your paycheque to get you to you peak happiness level?
  • Over at See Debt Run, Michelle talks about their experience with refinancing to a 15 year mortgage and the money that it would save them.  Brian and I refinanced our condo from an interest rate of 3% to 2.15% last year.
  • Forest at Frugal Zeitgeit discusses the ins and outs of starting your own online store.  I think that starting a business online is definitely the cheapest way to build up some sales and experience without the costs involved in opening a physical store.
  • Ever feel a bit disconnected in life?  Dave at Canadian Dream: Free at 45 talks about feeling detached from his life.  We can sympathise – both Brian and I want to be more self sufficient as well.  That’s part of the reason we do things like foraging for our food and growing our garden.
  • Do you cycle to work or for leisure?  Makin’ the Bacon dicusses why you should care about cycling.  I have a confession: I don’t know how to ride a bike.  I am a terrible Vancouverite.  *hangs head*
  • Jeremy talks about avoiding blogger burnout in his blog tip post of the week.  This was super timely for me – I’ve taken on A LOT of work lately and it’s starting to add up!

And this week, Outlier Model has appeared on the web at the following lovely links:

If I missed any links, they’ll be on next week’s update.

And in some blog admin news – I’ve (finally) updated our blogroll to include more awesomeness.  It’s random, so you might have to hit refresh a few times to see them all.  Share some link love and do send a message if you’d like to be included.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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