Updates: August 12 – 18

CF and I just returned from the (hot) Okanagan, so the update is a little late this week. Our netbook decided to crap out and stop booting up yesterday, so I had to wait until we returned home! We had a decadent weekend with lots of good food and fine wine. One of the advantages of living a simpler life is that these times when we do treat ourselves, it seems even that much more extravagant. Now it’s back to a cooler Vancouver climate and a day of housework and relaxation before heading back to work. Where have you gotten away to this summer?



Some of our favorite posts this week:

  • The path to financial independence can be quite exciting – starting with the first time you pay off a debt, or invest in the stock market. We’re trying to reach that end goal; Mr. Money Mustache reminds us that the end is quite a bit more boring than we make it out to be. Check out “What it Feels Like to Become Rich”


The Outlier Model appeared this week in:

  • Finance Fox – Weekend Recap


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