Updates: August 5 – 11

CF will have a full update later this week, but I just have to share a picture from our garden. The hot weather has kicked things into high gear and we’ll be harvesting a lot of produce in the near future.

We’re in full foraging mode with the start of blackberry season as well. We’ve picked twice so far, and for a total of 20 minutes picking time, we’ve come home with 2-3 pints of berries. CF is busily washing (they are now freakishly clean! You never know where wild berries have been…) and freezing them as we go. At this rate, we should be eating frozen berries well into the winter.

We’ve also had our eye on the property market lately and if prices continue to go south the way they have been lately, we could find ourselves double property owners ahead of schedule…

Here’s a look at some of our favorite posts from the week – we’ve also joined the realm of Google+, so head over to our page and follow us!

  • I really like the way Earth and Money thinks. Investing to Save the World looks at what you’re investing in and what it’s doing for the world. Something to keep in mind next time you’re thinking of picking up some tobacco stock…
  • Add Vodka is heading to NYC…without a budget! Having been there myself, this is very brave. Have you ever traveled without a budget?
  • CF and I try to make a habit of planning out our meals.  We hate wasting food and we also hate stressing out over it!  If you’re not convinced, Miss T at Prairie Eco-Thrifter gives 6 Reasons to Meal Plan.
  • We tend to focus our stock investments in tried and true dividends – but what about IPOs?  Everyone got excited with Facebook went public.  Should we be jumping on new IPOs as well?  One Smart Dollar discusses the ins and outs of investing in IPOs.


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