Updates: July 15 – 21

Welcome to the new Outlier Model! We’ve upgraded our look and are pretty pleased with the results. Bear with us while we iron out the kinks – shoot us a tweet or email if you notice something that we missed (thanks Jeremy!). In tribute to his cat photos, I’m introducing Chaucer; our pudgy, attention suck of a cat.


This weekend I’m heading to the Whitecaps game with Jeremy and another blogger who I haven’t met yet from Freedom Thirty Five. After trading Eric Hassli yesterday, I’m intrigued to check out our new strikers. The head office of the Whitecaps is in the same building as my side hustle, so I was chatting with one of them last night. Major League Soccer rules are very complicated (you think the NHL salary cap is complicated? It sounds like a piece of cake compared to MLS) and I was assured that we are in a very good position for the next few years with international spots, cap money and other complicated things I don’t understand yet.

On to the links!

  • Looking for more information on the proposed EI reform? Head over to Canadian Finance Blog and check out What is so Wrong About EI Reform? I believe that EI is too lenient and support the proposed changes.
  • On principle, I’m against paying for credit cards. Modest Money looks at How Airline Credit Cards Cost you More. It’s certainly appealing to chase the rewards if you’ve already paid money to have the card. Friends don’t let friends pay for credit cards.


Thanks to all the awesome people out there who included us in their posts this week:

  • Earth and Money: Links Grow on Trees – Productivity Rules 


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