FedEx lost my present

I don’t spend a lot of money on myself.  Most of my clothes are a few years old (but well cared for!) and I only ever have one handbag at a time.  I am even having a hard time thinking of what I want for my birthday!  But when I started my new job, I decided to splurge on something that I’ve been coveting for a long time… a Diesel wallet.

Photo Credit: Original photo by David Shankbone via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Diesel_shop_in_Tel_Aviv_Israel.jpg

I love Diesel shoes and accessories.  I have a Diesel shoulder bag, Diesel flats… I wanted the wallet so badly!  I figured that treating myself with the extra money from starting my new job would be perfect.  My old wallet is torn at the corners, broken at the seams and, according to former classmates, looks like something from a Mayan archaeological dig.  But, being a good personal finance blogger, I didn’t jump into it.  I waited and looked at different options online.  I visited the Seattle Diesel store (there aren’t any in Vancouver).  Finally I found the perfect wallet on eBay from a store in Quebec that sells brand name samples.  It was perfect.  It was the wallet I wanted at 2/3 of the price – $150 in total.

I paid for it in cash and waited.  Thanks to FedEx tracking, I watched it travel across Canada, arrive in Richmond and get sent out for delivery.

And it was delivered, on the exact day that they promised!  … to someone else.  On their tracking page, beside the happy green checkmark that denoted a successful delivery was the message: “Delivered to address other than recipient.”


If it’s delivered to an address other than mine, it is not a successful-m************-delivery!  I don’t even understand how they are allowed to do that!  I live in a rental – do they regularly deliver parcels to people’s neighbours?  And when I checked with the unit that they supposedly delivered to (it’s the manager’s “office”) he did not have it, nor did he sign for it.  And I really don’t think a 50 year old Asian man wants a punky women’s wallet from Diesel.  So WTF.

Brian’s been on customer service duty, calling and harassing them every day.  They tell me that the delivery driver reported successfully delivering it to Unit #105.  … I don’t live in unit 105!  The address does not say unit 1-0-5.

So I’m pretty pissed off.  And I’m sad!  This was purchased from a sample sale.  They don’t have any more of this style!  And it was a 150 freaking dollars!  *tear*

We’re waiting to hear back from FedEx.  Apparently, not only is it difficult for them to deliver to the correct address, but it it is also difficult for them to “track down” their drivers.


Update: It’s now been almost two weeks since my package arrived in Richmond (Thurs July 12) and was delivered to someone else.  In this time, FedEx has taken 1 week to track down their driver and a further week attempting to get the driver to return to the apartment where he delivered the package.  I am not sure why they need to do this, since I clearly don’t have my package.  Their own online deliver receipt SAYS that they delivered to someone else.  I am not sure what further proof they need.  In any case, the driver has, for whatever reason not managed to return to the apartment and provide an update.

I am so unbelievably choked about this whole business.  I’ve been planning to buy this wallet (or a similar one) for the better part of a year.  And now not only do they deliver it to someone else, but they refuse to reimburse me.

That’s right.  Apparently I have to go through the seller.

Well you know what FedEx?  The seller didn’t do anything wrong.  The seller shipped the item the day after I purchased it on eBay.  I watched it travel across Canada.  And I watched you mark down a successful deliver to “an address other than the recipients.”  Not only that, I bought it online, through eBay.  Why do I have to do the legwork to fix something that FedEx screwed up?

I want my freaking money back.

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