Updates: July 8 – 14

This week, CF and I attended the Gastown Grand Prix – a professional cycling event through the historic streets of Gastown in downtown Vancouver. One of many free events this summer, we got an evening’s worth of entertainment, chatted to some other local cycling enthusiasts and hung out on a beautiful Wednesday night without spending a dime! How did you spend your week this week?




Here’s a collection of posts from around the web that we enjoyed this week:

  • I always love a good deal – who doesn’t?  But it can feel awkward or even rude to try to negotiate the price.  Here’s the secret though – most people, on both sides, enjoy a good bargain.  You just need to ask!  Tom at Canadian Finance Blog suggests some tips for negotiating a better deal.
  • Finance Fox suggests 11 Things I Don’t Buy and Do Without. There is a lot of waste generated by many of these items and I especially agree about garbage bags – why buy something you’re going to throw away?
  • Standing in line at the currency and bullion exchange office, I’ve often been intrigued by the (many) people in line buying silver or gold. Freedom Thirty Five talks about My New Silver Coins – now I know what it’s all about!
  • Thank You For Getting Speeding Tickets from Modest Money looks at how tickets like these help pay for services and resources. I don’t think that’s really the intention (I’m an idealist and believe that it’s really about making the road safer), but it’s a happy side effect for the extra revenue.


The Outlier Model around the web:

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