Updates: June 24 – 30

Happy Canada Day! The second long weekend of the summer kind of snuck up on me – I think I’ve still been recovering from my big work conference at the beginning of June. One of my favourite things about Canada Day is the number of free events and activities around Vancouver. Specifically, there are a few events we’re likely to check out:


Late breaking news! I am now scheduled to spend the day at Canada Place selling novelty items and glow in the dark light toys!

Here’s a selection of other posts from around the web this week:

  • From CF: Forest at Frugal Zeitgeist wonders if buying in bulk makes you eat in bulk.  I have noticed that when I get a large bag of chips to snack on rather than a small bag of chips, the chips disappear just as quickly!  Brian and I rarely buy in bulk – we just don’t have the room!  We did splurge on a 40lb bag of rice recently though.  It was on sale for the same amount as a regular priced 20lb bag of rice.  What!  😀
  • As you may know, I have a part time job at a wine store. Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses reviews a Cheap and Low-Cal wine – while I can’t say I’m looking for low calorie wine, I do love a bargain. I also suggest the Lindemans Chardonnay Riesling and La Casona Monastrell for some wicked bargains.
  • Frugal Zeitgeist gives his take on the recent Supreme Court ruling in the US which deemed Obama’s health care reform bill constitutional. As another non-American, I don’t understand the conservative uproar over what seems to be a very basic population need. What’s even funnier were the responses on twitter from Conservatives wanting to move to Canada – they’re in for a bit of a shock…


Thanks to those that included us this week!

Have a great long weekend!

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