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It can be hard to imagine what eating on $100 a month is like.  So, similar to our “grocery motivation” posts, I’m going to occasionally post a journal of what Brian and I ate that week, along with approximate costs.  The costs are only approximate because I don’t always remember how much I money I paid for meat or bulk vegetables for example.  But I’ll try to use a cost that reflects an average or sale price, scaled according to the portion used.

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  • Breakfast: egg, fresh fruits, croissant and coffee ($1.50)
  • Lunch: bun ($1)
  • Dinner: rice with roast duck and fried cabbage ($1.50)


  • Breakfast: egg, fresh fruits, 1/2 bagel and coffee ($1)
  • Lunch: bagel sandwich with turkey, watercress, havarti and tomato ($1)
  • Dinner: shrimp pasta with broccoli and carrots ($1.50)



  • Breakfast: noodle soup with watercress and meatballs ($1)
  • Lunch: turkey, rice and broccoli ($0.75)
  • Dinner: braised ribs and carrots, radish with rice ($1)


  • Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese plus fresh fruit ($1)
  • Lunch: salami and spinach sandwich, with cheese ($1.25)
  • Dinner: ginger chicken with rice and green beans ($1.25)


  • Breakfast: rice and soup (kind of like oatmeal!), juice ($0.50)
  • Lunch: turkey, rice and broccoli ($0.75)
  • Dinner: braised ribs and carrots, radish with rice ($1)


  • Breakfast: cereal with fruit plus toast ($0.75)
  • Lunch: bagel sandwich with turkey, watercress, havarti and tomato ($1)
  • Dinner: ginger chicken with rice and green beans ($1.25)


I also ate a tube of saltine crackers and some ice cream throughout the week.  For drinks, I had some juice, tea and coffee throughout the week as well.  So maybe another $2 or so.

How is this possible?  Well, the turkey was bought on sale after Easter for $10.  I estimate $1 for each of the thigh, drumstick and wing and $2 for each breast.  I count the carcass and scraps as “free”.  The watercress is free – I grow it and I’ve already eaten enough to recoup my initial cost.  I buy rice in bulk – 10lbs for $18.99 regular price.  Sometimes cheaper, sometimes pricier.  I bought bagels at 6 for $1 and stashed them in the freezer.  And so on and so forth.  😉

Caveat #1: Brian was also away for some of the week and so I had more leftovers than usual, which is why I was eating ribs for days on end.

Caveat #2: I’m Asian, so I enjoy having things like noodle soup and rice for breakfast.  But you don’t have to!  You can easily substitute bulk cereal + fruit or toast + peanut butter with fruit or oatmeal + fruit for a similar price.

Point is – you can do this too by buying the foods that are on sale in your area, storing them properly, and figuring out what yummy bulk meals you can make at home.

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