Updates: April 8 – 14

In the fall, my employer offered the flu shot to all employees, free of charge. I declined, as I usually think these things are more media overreaction and paranoia. I say let our bodies defend us as they were designed to! I faced the consequences of these decisions over the past week, as I spent most of it in bed with the flu. I’m finally starting to feel normal again, although it’s meant that my plans to run in the Sun Run have been derailed for this year. The time recuperating gave me the opportunity to check out a bunch of the blogs featured on Modest Money’s Best Canadian Finance Blog contest (go vote for us!). Here’s what I’ve been reading:

  • Last week, I successfully transferred our bean seedlings outside into the planters. It’s a little colder where Kerry lives, and you can check out her ingenious seedling pot solution at Squawk Fox. Eggshells!
  • I’m guilty of not checking my bank account terribly often. Usually, just when I get paid every two weeks to execute the budget and at the end of the month for my net worth. Finance Fox points out that checking your bank account more often is a good habit as it provides you the opportunity to catch errors.
  • From CF: Brian and I try to keep a good stash of food in the house. It’s a great buffer against unexpected emergencies, time constraints, and even natural disasters. We don’t have quite as much food (or space) as SPF does but even in our little apartment, we have a solid month’s worth of food.

Here’s to good health!

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