End of season joy

Back in the fall of 2011, I was looking for a new pair of boots.  I’m more of a boot person than a shoe person.  I had several pairs at home in various states of decay.  One was a cheaper “pleather” pair in which the plastic part of the pleather was now peeling up.  It was not repairable any more since the fabric itself was ripped.  I had another 4 year-old pair of heeled boots which I adored and have gotten repaired numerous times.  The heel was in good condition since its last repair, but like the pleather boot, it was starting to let in water.  I had gotten it re-glued several times, but it was starting to get ragged.  I also had a pair of everyday “army boots” which were good for casual occasions and a not-so-everyday pair of tall boots which sported 2 and a half-inch heels.  I was hoping to find a pair of everyday boots that would save me from the rain.


My shopping mantra is: If it calls to me, it comes home with me – provided the price is right.


On that day back in the fall, I fell in love.  They were beautiful – tall, leather, 1.5 inch heel.  They called to me!  But they were $250.  Ouch.  The saleswoman oohed and ahhed as I tried them on and cautioned me to “buy them soon because we’re running out”.  Running out of $250 boots?  Really?  I checked with Brian to see if he would buy them for me – he shook his head rather grimly.  I consulted my mental budget map – nope, not quite enough in the clothing fund to cover the cost and tax.  I cried a little inside, but left them at the store and bought a pair of rubber rain boots instead.  (Which are still in great condition and have saved me from having wet feet in Vancouver!)


Fast forward to now – My other boots have even more wear and tear in them, one pair had been discarded outright, and I was again boot-hunting.  The rubber boots that I bought previously were great for wading through puddles at UBC but they were not slick enough to wear to the office and they didn’t offer much warmth.  I needed something to wear that didn’t have holes!  Brian and I were walking through the mall on our way to lunch, when I spied them – My boots!  The ones I fell in love with 6 months ago! They were now half off thanks to an end-of-season sale.  After much rejoicing, I bought them without regret using cash I had saved up in my clothing and shoe fund over the past few months.


What’s the lesson here?  Well, first – everything goes on sale eventually.  Don’t fall for sales tricks that try to convince you that “time is running out”.  Time is always running out!  🙂  Such is life.  Secondly – always check for seasonal items at the end of the season.  They will usually be on sale to make room for next season’s clothing.  And finally – when you fall in love, it feels (and looks) damn good!

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