Updates: March 4 – 10

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity kick lately; I find that I spend so much time planning and organizing my tasks that it’s tough to get down to the real work. To be productive and get things done, you need to be able to focus whole-ly on the task at hand without having to think or keep track of the other projects or tasks you have going on. Enter David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”. I first was introduced to the topic by Trent at The Simple Dollar – he has a series of posts on the content in the book that were very helpful. I recently purchased the book off Craigslist and am working my way through it. If I’m able to implement anything useful that I can share, I’ll write about it here.


  • Suba at Wealth Informatics had an interesting article that looks at how passion and employment don’t match up as often as you’d think. You don’t quit because you’re a quitter looks at some statistics and reasons why people stay at jobs they are not passionate about. We at The Outlier Model fully support this kind of thinking!


  • Gardening is a great way to save money on your food budget. In the city, this can be a challenge. If you still want to garden, but don’t have a plot of land, consider joining a community garden. The Family Wallet explains how this will help your budget and also give you a fun family activity to enjoy for free! CF and I have tried to join a garden near our apartment, but waiting lists across the city are 2-3 years long.


  • I made my first non-registered account stock trade this week! If you’re thinking about getting into the stock market, you’ll need to decide on a trading platform. I began by using Scotia iTrade, but after a year or so I switched the Questrade. The Passive Income Earner also switched over from iTrade, to the RBC Direct Investing. I’m not familiar with this platform, so check out this post for more information.


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