Updates: February 26 – March 3

CF and I just got back from a Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival event. The theme of the event was “Argentina” so we spent the afternoon grazing on Argentine inspired cuisine and various wines from the region. Sounds pricey, and it is. However, we are always trying to do what you love for less. To cut the costs of this event, I’ve spent the last two evenings volunteering my time at the festival in exchange for a free ticket to the international tasting hall tonight. Since I’ve already gone to one event today, I’m selling my single ticket to offset the cost of the Argentina tasting event. Everyone wins!

When we haven’t been drinking, here’s what we’ve been reading:

  • From CF: If you are a landlord in Ontario or wish to support landlords in Ontario, Rachel @LandlordRescue is hoping to get support in the fight against landlord water bills.  Rachel presents a good overview of the water bill issues here.  The basic crux of the matter is this: if you’re a landlord in certain jurisdictions in Ontario, if your tenant does not pay their water bills, it gets added to YOUR taxes.  Ouch!  The thing that bothers me about things like this water bill is that it shifts the responsibility for good behavior onto the landlord, without giving the landlord the tools to enforce good behavior.



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