Updates: February 5 – 11

Thursday marked a milestone for The Outlier Model – our 100th post. We’ve been at this blogging business for just over a year now – thanks for checking us out!

This weekend, the Davis Cup is in town; it’s been over 20 years since Vancouver has seen world class tennis like this, and I’m lucky enough to be going to the final matches tomorrow. I am very excited – I haven’t seen live tennis since I attended the French Open in 2005. I bought tickets directly through ticketmaster, even though the site stated that all available tickets were sold out. Frugal tip: always search for single tickets in the cheapest section, there are often tickets available. Thanks to CF for pointing this out – my friend and I bought two singles three rows apart on Thursday; despite tickets having “sold out” in 25 minutes after going on sale weeks ago!

Work has been pretty crazy this week, so I’m behind on my reading – here’s what I’ll be catching up on:

  • Talk of reality shows like “Hoarders” and “Extreme Couponing” are common in my workplace. Nelson’s mention of the show “Doomsday Preppers” caught my attention this week over at Canadian Finance Blog. In exploring “How Many of Your Needs Are Actual Needs?”, he notes that we really can live without a lot. Sound advice, and something we definitely believe in! I especially agree with his point that travel is a luxury and not something you should do if you can’t afford it.



  • Landlord Rescue fights back against the stigma that landlords are evil for collecting up to 6 months rent up front for new immigrants. Owning property is a business and anyone applying for credit with no job and no credit history wouldn’t complain that a bank wouldn’t give them a loan. Why is it different with landlords?


  • Brave New Life  discusses his Core Principles, beginning with “Question Everything”. There are actually five articles in the series now (perhaps there will be more?), but it’s a great example of another young professional deciding that ‘the system’ doesn’t make for the most fulfilling life.


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