Real world motivation for your food budget

We haven’t had a grocery post in a while so here’s a motivational piece for you reluctant food budgeters.  For less than $25 dollars, I got enough food for over 15 meals, plus a few staples and snacks:


  • instant noodles x5 $3.85 – cook using homemade stock, add bean sprouts and other veggies, and throw in leftover meat scraps for nutrition: 5 meals
  • sushi roll $3.99 – purely snack goodness
  • 4 chicken legs with thighs $3.97 – using 2 pieces for stew + carrots, potatoes and celery: 6 meals, 2 pieces remaining: 4 meals
  • cabbage $2.84 – with carrots, rice and potatoes, made 4 servings of soup
  • celery $1.38 – included in soup and stew above
  • bean sprouts $0.24 – included in instant noodles above
  • 2lbs carrots $1.49 – included in soup and stew above
  • milk $2.49
  • tofu $1.79 – for chow mein: 5 meals
  • chow mein noodles $1.19
So for a total of $23.71, I can make quite a few meals, some sides like soup, and even splurge on sushi.  And of course, even after all those meals, I still have cabbage, carrots and celery left over to use in other dishes.  The meals are a mix of quick and easy (like my “upgraded” instant noodles) and good old comfort food (stews).  The potatoes were from my parents and rice… well, there’s always rice in this house.  😉  The result is a week’s worth of homemade lunch and dinner items for less than $25, with many items left over for next week.
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