Update: October 9 – 15

I’m off on a work trip to Washington DC tomorrow – they’re really having me travel a lot lately! I’m actually looking forward to the location this time around, I’ve heard good things about DC and I’m going to be catching a Washington Capitals game with a friend who lives in the area.

Since I’m going to be away, we’ve been spending a lot of time rearranging furniture and setting up a new layout in our new apartment. Sadly, my large, comfortable chair did not fit and had to be sold on Craigslist (I get no sympathy from CF, whose large circle chair has already been relegated to her parents house). The income from selling our unwanted furniture has provided the cash to pick up things that we’re lacking. The chair sale paid for the new wireless router we purchased last week, and next on the list is some new caulking to fix the neglected bathroom…

Here’s what’s gone on this week:

  • Jacob, from Early Retirement Extreme must have felt philosophical this week. Three of his last six posts deal with the philosophy behind the “ERE” mindset and why it is so difficult for the majority of the population to accept as a valid way of life. To try and describe the philosophy in a way that the majority of people could understand, he has tried matching ERE with other subcultures.  I think the title says it all: What are we? Bohemians? Hippies? Neocapitalists?
  • I’m a complainypants. I’ve only come across this author once or twice, but it’s always a nugget of gold. In a nushell, Mr. Money Mustache (yep, he’s basically a superhero) argues that we should not be jealous or strive to knock down those who have achieved great feats. Instead of trying to knock them back to our level, we should strive to work harder, figure it out and join them on their level, elevating ourselves in the process. But don’t take my word for it, check it out! And for good measure, here’s his bio.


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