A back to school NON-deal

While I was walking to the bus loop on campus earlier this month, I noticed that there were lots of companies with booths set up outside the student union building.  They were doing back-to-school promotions on everything from newspaper subscription to phone plans.  September is often a great month for getting deals because companies are targeting students who may have just moved out on their own or may have just arrived in town.  It’s an opportunity to score cheaper services – as long as you’re smart about it!

As you guys know, Brian and I are moving at the end of the month.  Our internet and TV is currently under our roommate’s name, so we are both eligible for “new customer” promotions.  Since I was free and the booths were there, I decided to see how much cable and internet plans are.  In the past, I have usually been able to find a promotion that gets me digital cable for $10 and internet for $20.  I play promotions and different companies against each other to make sure I get the best plan.

I talked to the Shaw cable guy and was almost sold on a cable and internet package for $36 a month.  They called the cable package the “personal plan” and it seemed to have A LOT of channels.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I usually only get basic cable.  For TV and internet, $36/month is a pretty good price!  Plus the Shaw guy gave me a bunch of cup warmers. [Brian’s edit: They were not actually cup warmers, but sweat bands. They are orange, and awesome – I’m getting great use out of them!]

So great deal, good price, sign me up, right?

Until I read the fine print and discovered that you get all those channels… but not a single sports channel!  Not even Sportsnet or TSN.  No thank you Shaw!  To include any sports channels at all, I would have to pay another $10 a month, which would bring the total cost to $50 per month – the same price as the regular new customer promotion.  I’d rather just get internet on promotion for $25/month and forgo a crap load of TV.  😛

Needless to say, we are holding off on TV and internet for now.

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