Update: Sept 18-24

I had planned to go camping this weekend, but conflicting schedules amongst the participants conspired against me. This probably worked out for the best – with the upcoming move my list of things to do is only getting longer! I have been woefully unproductive (and busy!) lately , so hopefully the change of scenery will renew my focus. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

  • Tim exposes a weakness – his desire for Stuff. I was honestly surprised about this one, but it reminded me of one reason I enjoy moving often. Moving is a great time to cleanse your possessions as you’re forced to actually look and pack everything that you own. I often start to pack something, realize I have absolutely no need for it and then arrange to get rid of it. It’s very liberating.
  • Krystal works a lot more than I do, and does it effectively by creating a weekly schedule. It was really helpful for me to see someone else lay out their day to day activities, especially someone who has a regular 9-5 job in addition to freelancing. After I settle in to our new place, my goal is to look at implementing a similar system.
  • A lengthy post from James Altucher, but worth the read. Nine ways to break all the rules questions all of the things we’ve been taught by society and provides some very interesting alternative options and thought experiments. It’s a very justifying read when you’re trying to live a little bit outside the box.

Next week is the big move (well not really that big, a whole five blocks!), I don’t anticipate any content disruption, but if we’re a little slower on the updates for next week you’ll know why!

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