To buy or not to buy… baking utensils

Although I’ve always done a lot of cooking, I’ve been doing more baking lately.  Baking – pastries, tarts, and the like – always seemed a bit frivolous to me since it’s not really part of a nutritious “diet”.  But I’ve come to discover that bringing the occasional tray of baked goods to work, meetings and other gatherings is a very economical way to make a lot of people happy.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making tarts and pies from scratch now.  I don’t own a rolling pin or a pastry cutter though.  When I cut in butter or shortening, I use a knife to cut up the fat into small chucks and then use two butter knives to cut it in manually.  When I need a rolling pin, I run across the street to borrow it from my friend… in exchange for the occasional slice of pie or tart.  Sometimes, I just use a glass or some other cylindrical item.  But now that I’m baking more often, I’m trying to decide whether or not I need to upgrade my baking tools.

The options are to buy a pastry cutter, a rolling pin, or both.  I imagine that each item would cost between $5 and $10, though I haven’t started seriously looking or investigating.  I would probably use each once every 2 months or so.  Worth it or not worth it?



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