Update: Sept 11-17

This week has been busy busy busy! I’ve been trying to stay on top of school work, work work, and applying for post-school-work and Brian has been away on business (*shakes fist*).

It’s really helped that we’ve set a routine to deal with un-routine weeks like these. The cleaning still gets done because Brian knows what days he’s cleaning, and can reschedule and communicate that with me. Meanwhile, there is no worry about paying bills while he was away because we both know when certain bills come up and ensure that the money is already there.

Links this week:

  • I like the idea presented by Robert from Canadian Dream: Free at 45 on constraining variables in your personal finances.  The idea is that you can’t necessarily improve your situation effectively until you take care of whatever element is most holding you back.  For you science types – Think of it as your rate limiting step.
  • This is a really great story from the NY Times about a young man with autism who is struggling to succeed in the adult world.  I think a lot of us who are struggling with independence, employment or simply fitting in can empathise with at least some of the trials that Justin faces.  The inspiring part is how Justin struggles with ALL of these issues and still finds success.  From a financial perspective, is it a good use a money to spend so many education dollars on one person?  I’d argue that it’s better to help one motivated person succeed than to give ‘charity’ to 100 people who won’t help themselves.
  • LunchPunchIt has a neat do-it-yourself project which shows you how to make a lunch box from an old milk jug.  I’m sure you could use it for It’s a quick craft project for the kids or the young at heart.  😉
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