Updates: Erm… most of the summer? Let’s call it July 3-9

Brian and I just returned from Germany a few days ago and WOW it’s been hectic!  Before the flight, I had massive studying to do for my exam (PS – well above average, thank you very much).  I had intended on doing some writing while on vacation, and I have to say – good intentions have a way of going awry.

We brought our little netbook on the trip so that we could be blogging away during “downtime” and… it just didn’t happen.  🙂  Why blog when you can chill on on the train, read a book… or in my case, get incredibly nauseous and curl up in the fetal position.

But we’re back and very nearly recovered from the cold that we picked up on the flight home.  Time to get back to work!

Interesting links that filled my inbox while I was too damn lazy to do any writing:

  • Jacob from ERE talks about the four types of people in the world from the standpoint of ignorance and postmodern theory.  Theory?! Eep!  Actually, it’s a really interesting read though I would argue that there are more than a few scientists out there who could use a reality check…
  • Contrast the previous blog with this one from James Altucher on How To Deal With Crappy People.  James also identifies four types of people in the world, this time from the standpoint of “how to deal with type X person”.  For homework, YOUR job is to find all possible combinations of the James-Jacob theory of four people types and self identify.  🙂
  • And finally, from Squawkfox, how to make a Starbucks frappuccino… for 32 cents.  Damn!  Definitely adding this one to my to-do list for the summer.


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