Germany on a budget: Make your own neck pillow

Today is the big day! This evening, CF and I will head to the airport and begin our 9.5 hour flight to Frankfurt. Sleep on an airplane can be tough to come by, but in order to arrive fresh we’ll be trying to get as much rest as possible.

On my recent work trip to Holland, a co-worker encouraged me to buy a neck pillow for the trip.  I didn’t, and ended up getting very little sleep. I suggested to CF that we look into one for this trip as it may help us get some much needed rest. After visiting both the local night market and big box stores, we found that we would not be able to get one for less than $20. I think this is a bit ridiculous for a fancy shaped pillow!

On the way home, CF had a brilliant idea: why don’t we make our own neck pillows? After considering buying fabric and some foam stuffing, we realised that all we would need is a long tube sock stuffed with socks and underwear! As an added benefit, having your clean socks and underwear inside your neck pillow means no amount of lost baggage will leave you without clean undergarments!


Step 1: Gather your materials

For this project, I had both soccer socks and baseball socks in my drawer. I chose the baseball socks as they had been used the least. We washed them anyways. I also gathered all the socks and underwear that I would be bringing on the trip. In one pillow, I used socks, in the other, I used underwear.


Step 2: Stuff the pillow

The key to making a solid pillow is to make sure they are compact enough to provide support. Stuff the underwear down as far as it will go and really pack it in.


Step 3: Tie off the end

To complete the pillow, tie off the open end of the sock. Now you can smooth out the lumps and make sure all parts of the pillow are even.


Step 4: Admire your work

Step back, relax and admire the $20 you just saved. I will be laughing tonight when I whip out my sock pillow and catch some zzz’s on the flight.


Got a great cost saving tip for your summer trip? Let us know!

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