Updates: May 29-June 4

Summer has finally arrived in Vancouver! CF and I just spend the last few hours checking out the local “Italian Day” celebrations and sipping basil flavored beer on an impromptu patio. Nice.

CF is pre-occupied this week with an impending mid-term, so I’m stepping in with my first weekly update. Summer classes are pretty intense – following her midterm tomorrow the final is only 2 weeks later! The big trip to Germany is almost here so there will be plenty of time for rest, relaxation and beer upcoming.

Check out what’s been going on around the web this week.

  • As part of the Master Plan, one of our major objectives is to increase our passive income. Recently, CF purchased her first dividend paying stock and I will be doing the same in the next 2 weeks. As if on cue, Mike from The Dividend Guy Blog recently published his first e-book: How to Build a Never Ending Cash Distributor. I read the first 15 pages on the bus home from Italian Day, and I’ll be finishing the rest this week as I prepare to make my purchase.
  • I was inspired by “Mr. Money Moustache” through a guest post on Early Retirement Extreme. Often I feel there are so many lifestyle/finance bloggers out there that adding my two cents is not going to accomplish all that much.Through this article, I was reminded that we are still very much in the minority. I hope that someone reading this is able to get something from our ideas and make a positive impact on their life.
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